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CircuitWerkes SITESENTRY4

Web Based 4 Channel Remote Monitor & Controller


The CircuitWerkes SiteSentry4 ushers in a new era of remote site monitoring. An internal Web server lets you monitor your site from any Web browser, anywhere in the world. Automatically detects both meter low and meter overload conditions on each channel. Combine channels to create IF/OR/AND alarm conditions. An internal temperature sensor can respond to high or low temperature conditions. Temperatures can be scaled and are displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The external audio monitor meters two channels of audio and can respond if either silence or overload are detected.

The SiteSentry4 gives you Web control of six relays (two are DPDT) that can be latching or momentary. Two status inputs give a visual indication, via the Web server, whenever triggered & can also activate automated relay actions. Use the SiteSentry4 anywhere that you need an inexpensive, network addressable, controller with status capabilities. Three levels of user control are available ranging from reader up to administrator.

Main Features:
• Internal Web Server lets you monitor your site from anywhere in the world.
• Channel monitoring via meters and digital readout of values.
• Send e-mail or SMS text messages directly from the device.
• All configuration data can be stored locally on a PC for re-use later. Never lose your configuration data again!
• Supports DDNS services from and
• Remote reboot command
• Web server supports netbios names for easy location.
• Fully Flash upgradeable. Upgrade your unit's firmware in the field to use newly released features.
• Can be used as a Shoutcast/ Icecast compatible audio streamer with embedded relay closures (non-synced to the audio).
• Onboard dual input audio monitor can detect silence or overload on stereo or mono systems.
• Web interface knows when it has lost communications with the site and alerts you and tries to reconnect automatically.
• On-board temperature sensor displays Fahrenheit or Celsius.
• 16 user-definable alarm conditions can trigger up to 3 actions (from a pool of 68) per alarm.
• Two external status inputs can activate user-defined actions. Inputs are optocoupled and triggered by grounding or by supplying a voltage (user configured).
• Six independent relay outputs (4 SPST & 2 DPDT), controlled by action sequences or by user command. Latching & momentary modes are supported..
• Relays can be momentary or latching.
• DHCP or Static IP capable.
• Emails or text messages you when alarms occur.
• Keeps onboard logs that can be sent to your inbox via automatic e-mail.
• Netbios name can be user changed.

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