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Henry Engineering SAM - Systems Alert Monitor

SAM - Video Audio Email Status Monitoring System


Henry Engineering SAM - Systems Alert MonitorIn Stock

Henry Engineering SAM - Systems Alert Monitor Figure 1
The Systems Alert Monitor (“SAM”) is a comprehensive system for monitoring the equipment used in a typical broadcast facility. SAM will detect the status or alarm outputs of equipment in use, then display “Alert” text messages on a video monitor informing personnel to take necessary action.

Messages can alert personnel to respond to a system failure, e.g., OFF AIR, AUDIO FAIL, HIGH SWR. Other messages can let an observer know important system status, e.g., EAS ALERT, DOOR OPEN, NEWS UPDATE. Another use is to alert air talent of ringing phone lines, e.g., REQUEST LINE, HOT LINE, etc. Any video monitor* with an HDMI input can be used with SAM.

The Systems Alert Monitor constantly scans up to 15 “Alert” inputs. Whenever any Alert input is triggered, a text box appears on the monitor. The text, text box color, and display time for each Alert can be individually programmed by the user. SAM can also produce an audio alert, playing an audio file whenever a selected Alert is triggered. SAM is supplied with default audio files that can be assigned to any Alert; user-supplied mp3 files can also be used. In addition to video and audio notifications, SAM can also send an email when specified Alerts are triggered.

Alert-trigger inputs to SAM can be any external “dry” GPI contact closure. There are two POTS ring detectors which can be assigned to any two Alert inputs. There are also two DC inputs for source equipment that provides a DC output (instead of a contact closure) which can be assigned to any two Alert inputs. An optional Input Isolator is available to add input isolation to six more SAM inputs. Five can be either for DC inputs or POTS lines; the sixth is for DC inputs only.

The Systems Alert Monitor is ideal for installation in any broadcast studio, transmitter plant, or control facility. It provides a convenient means of monitoring multiple systems simultaneously, and notifying personnel of important systems status or equipment failure.

• Alert Messages: User defined text, 15X
• Display Time: 3 sec to always ON • Audio Alerts: mp3 files, user assignable
• Email Alerts: SMTP protocol via LAN
• Alert Inputs: Momentary dry contact closure, 15X
• POTS Inputs: Telco ring detect, 2X, assignable
• DC Inputs: 5-24 VDC input, 2X, assignable
• Reset Input: Closure cancels Alert messages
• Video Output: HDMI video + audio
• Master Output: +5 VDC when any Alert is active
• Audio Contr. Output: +5 VDC when audio Alert is playing
• USB ports 4, for keyboard, mouse, thumb drive for user mp3 files
• Power Input: 5W, plug-in power supply included
• Size: 7.75”w X 4.75”d X 2.25”h, w/ mounting flanges
• Optional Input: Isolator Telco ring detect or DC, 5X, assignable 5-24 VDC input, 1X, assignable

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