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Crown PZM11

*Boundary Mic


Crown PZM security/surveillance mics feature lowprofile design coupled with optimized acoustics. They‘re ideal not just for security but make great install mics for conference recording and general room pickup. Crown PZM/PCC mics prevent phase interference from surface reflections, allowing a wide, smooth response. Excellent for sound reinforcement, conference tables, interviews and more.

The low-cost PZM11 microphone mounts on a standard wall plate. The PZM11 resembles a light switch rather than a microphone. Intelligibility is excellent, with low frequencies below the voice range rolled off to reduce the pickup of HVAC rumble. Electronics on the rear of the plate offer screw terminals, eliminating the need for connectors. Powering is via 12-48 volts phantom power.

Line level version also available (item #PZM11LL), as well as weather-resistant outdoor model with metal plate (#PZM11LLWR).

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