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Omnirax PC-5-S

One 13u Lower / Sit-Down



Omnirax, the industry leader in Radio Broadcast furniture, understands that the burgeoning Podcast movement is more than simply Pre-Recorded Radio. We’ve designed a full range of furniture to support a variety of Podcast applications. More and more people are entering the Podcast space. In order to compete successfully, a compelling subject matter is a must, interesting guests are a draw, and high production values are the secret sauce that pulls it together. This is where Omnirax comes in. Our good-looking, ergonomic, people-friendly furniture is designed to put people in positions to make pod-casts look and sound better.

The PC-5-S is a compact five-person Podcast workstation with 13-U of rack space in the Sit-Down version, 16-U in the Stand-Up. The Desk and Guest Wing accommodate a Host and four Guests, or two Co-Hosts and three Guests. The curvilinear shape is space-efficient and promotes easy collaboration among participants.

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