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Ultimate Support NUC-Z-NAV

Nucleus-Z Navigator - Fully Expanded Nucleus-Z Desk - (Complete System)



The Nucleus-Z Navigator is the flagship Nucleus-Z ergonomic desk that provides a built in second tier and two (2) four space rack units, as well as ample work area on the desktop surface. In addition to these features from the base Nucleus-Z Explorer, The Navigator includes the Nucleus-Z Keyboard Shelf, a removable shelf that matches the sleek profile of the desk, and gives you ample space for an 88 key controller, or a combination of computer keyboard, mouse and your favorite close-to-hand controllers and hardware. Finally, the Navigator includes the Nucleus-Z Rack 8 space rack unit. This floor based rack unit gives you 8 spaces to mount your indispensable rack gear, in an upward facing cabinet styled and constructed to be the perfect choice for your Nucleus-Z workstation. Built using powder coated medium density fiberboard, the Nucleus Z gives you an ample workspace within a  compact (but not too small) frame. Sturdy, stylish, and perfect for when ambition exceeds the confines of your workspace, the Nucleus-Z Navigator will change your workspace for the better.

Main Features:
• Two 4-Space Rack Modules
• Includes NUC-Z-RCK 8 Space Floor Based Rack Unit
• Includes NUC-Z-KBD Removable Keyboard Shelf
• Cable Management Tray
• Internal Worksurface Stiffener
• Nucleus-Z Series Desks Designed and Manufactured in the USA

• Part Name: NUC-Z-NAV
• Part Number: 18116
• Overall Width: 64.50in
• Overall Depth: 28in
• Overall Height: 40.4in
• Main Worksurface Depth: 23.5in
• Keyboard Worksurface Depth: 18in
• Secondary Surface Depth: 12in
• Desk Leveler Adjustment: 1in
• Rack Cabinet Leveler Adjustment: .625in
• 19" Rack Spaces: 16
• Main Worksurface Height: 34.125
• Weight: 136lbs

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