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Genelec 9000AP

Stereo Volume Control Black


The Genelec 9000A Stereo Volume Control provides convenient volume control for all Genelec loudspeakers. The volume control input and output have 3.5 mm stereo male and female connectors providing immediate connectivity with most computers and laptops, MP3 players and game stations. The 9000A is available in three colors: Black, Silver and White.

A converter cable converting 2 x RCA to 3.5 mm stereo (female) is needed for audio equipment with RCA outputs. A converter cable converting 3.5 mm stereo (male) to 2 x XLR (male) is needed to use the 9000A with Genelec monitor loudspeakers having XLR input.

The connecting cable on the 9000A is Y-shaped. After 1 meter (3 ft 3") from the control knob the single cable splits into two 1-meter (3 ft 3") cables, one for audio input, one for audio output.

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