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Mackie HR824MK2

8" 2-Way Studio Monitor, (Each)


Mackie HR824MK2 Figure 1Put a stud in your studio.

This high-resolution active studio monitor delivers 150W LF/100W HF bi-amplified power along with ultra-accurate, incredibly natural sound. Its innovative Zero Edge Baffle minimizes diffraction to give you a crystal clear image of your mix while its unique passive radiator design provides stunning bass extension that's super-tight and always distortion-free.

Boasting a 8.75-inch high-precision woofer and 1-inch titanium dome tweeter, its wide, even dispersion of all frequencies as well as incredible depth of field let you accurately hear your mix, whether you're up close or at a distance, on axis or off. Acoustic Space, LF roll-off, and HF controls give you plenty of sound sculpting options.
Mackie HR824MK2 Figure 2Mackie HR824MK2 Figure 3HRmk2s were created with High Definition audio in mind with such unbelievable sound quality, there little wonder why the HRmk2 Series was approved for THX pm3 compliance on its initial trial. THX pm3 Certification means that the HRmk2s have met the stringent standards set by THX Ltd. for outstanding performance, and that these monitors can be used with confidence by anyone seeking THX Certification for their studio, or striving to maintain THX standards.

Its high-gloss piano black wood cabinet not only looks good, but also adds just that bit of warmth to make your sound come alive. Sold as each.

Note: this model, the HR824mk2 is not voltage switchable; the smaller HR624mk2 is switchable.

Main Features:
• High-resolution Active studio reference monitor
• Ultra-linear frequency response for accurate mix translation
• 8.75-inch high-precision, low-distortion LF transducer
• 1-inch titanium dome, ferrofluid cooled tweeter
• Optimized Waveguide for wide sweet zone
• Twin FR Series amps -150W for LF / 100W for HF
• Cast aluminum Zero Edge Baffle minimizes diffraction
• Full internal damping eliminates midrange artifacts
• Onboard passive radiator extends bass response to 45 Hz
• Acoustic Space, LF roll-off, and HF controls
• Balanced XLR, TRS, and unbalanced RCA inputs
• OmniMount ready for easy wall/ceiling placement
• THX pm3 certified for surround sound applications
• Perfect for High-Definition audio, cinema and gaming systems

Mackie HR824MK2 Figure 4

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