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Magnetically Shielded Speaker -Left


If you need a larger monitor with high SPL and amazing sound, the LSR6332 is a great choice. This three-way non-powered system can handle 200 watts continuous pink noise/800 watts peak and will generate 112 dB SPL at 1 meter. The LSR6332 incorporates a 12" Neodymium Differential Drive dual coil woofer, 5" Kevlar midrange speaker and 1" titanium composite tweeter, for exacting reproduction at all levels.

• Advanced Linear Spatial Reference design ensures flatter response at the mix position
• Neodymium Differential Drive technology with dynamic braking for extended low frequency response and low power compression
• Neodymium midrange with 2" voice coil and Kevlar cone material for extended frequency response and low distortion
• Titanium composite high frequency transducer with elliptical oblate spheroidal waveguide and damped polepiece
• High-Density baffle for low enclosure resonance and stable inertial ground
• Linear Dynamics Aperture port design eliminates port turbulence and reduces port compression
• Magnetically shielded for use near video monitors
• Reinforced enclosure and convenient mounting points allow mounted installation
• Midrange/high frequency sub-baffle may be rotated by user for horizontal or vertical orientation
• LSR6332L is left-side model; LSR6332R available separately.

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