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DM Engineering LP1822

RMT-RWT Automation Interface


The LP1822 interface module is a microprocessor based interface between your automation system and the Sage-Endec EAS encoder/decoder models SE1822 and the Digital model 3644. No external power is required. Normally open contacts or open collector inputs can now trigger both RWT and RMT functions using your automation system or by optional remote pushbuttons.

The LP1822 has 3 inputs. A contact closure or logic low on Input one will initiate an RWT. Input two activation initiates the start of the RMT up to the point of the audio message which is usually supplied by a source through the automation system, and input three activation initiates the End of Message (EOM) signal after the audio message has completed.

Just think about more blown weekly or monthly tests, it takes the responsibility out of the hands of the operator and allows scheduling all tests using your automation system.

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