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DM Engineering MS1822

Multi Station RWT Automation Interface


You can now automate the RWT function with no more missed tests and remove the worry about not being in conformance with the FCC rules. The DME Multi-station RWT Automation Interface Modules comprise a low cost microprocessor based system to remotely activate Required Weekly Tests between your automation system or any pther contact closure or logic low and the Sage Endec Model 1822 or digital 3644 E.A.S. Encoder/Decoder, in conjunction with the associated Multi Station Relay Panel for any one of up to 4 selected stations. One Interface Module is required for each station RWT to be activated so you need purchase only the quantity of Interface modules you need, and can add on at any time.

Installation is simple, and a minimal one time programming session of the Endec is all that is required. The Interface Module is connected to the "COM 2, 3, or 6" port on the rear of the Endec, and if required for four station applications the front panel COM port may also be used. All power requirements for the Interface Module are supplied by the Endec through the DB9 connector. A simple contact closure to the appropriate terminal on the rear of the Interface Module activates an RWT for that station. LED indication verifies that data is being sent to the Endec.

The Multi-station RWT Interface Module comes with complete installation and Endec programming instructions to make the installation and programming easy

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