Broadcast Tools Time Sync Plus
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Broadcast Tools Time Sync Plus

Tiny Tool GPS Based Time Controlled Relay


The Broadcast Tools/tiny TOOLS Time Sync Plus provides four separate GPS time referenced outputs. The first is a SPST relay, which pulses at 54:30 each hour and is user programmable for any minute and second each hour. The second output is an active high driver with a 100 ms pulse every second, while the third output is a 4800-baud, RS-232 serial port providing the time code string: mm:dd:yyddd:hh:mm:ss (where ddd is day of year). The forth output will provide an active high driver in two different popular serial time code formats (future feature). Indicator LEDs are provided to display power/valid GPS data, programming mode and time sync relay operation. The Time Sync Plus is powered by a surge protected internal power supply. The Time Sync Plus may be rack mounted on the optional RA-1 mounting shelf. The Time Sync Plus is supplied in a small profile plastic enclosure, while the Garmin 12 Channel GPS receiver with embedded antenna is housed in a water-resistant case and designed to withstand the riggers of outdoor conditions. The Time Sync Plus furnishes power to the receiver. The receiver is supplied with an approximate 15-foot cable; longer CAT-5 cable lengths up to 100 feet may be used.

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