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DM Engineering MICPRO

Microphone On/Off Switching Module


The DM Engineering Mic-Pro On/Off LED-lighted switching module, when combined with the DM Engineering STUDIOSLAVE or Henry Engineering SUPERELAY controller, will give any low-cost production mixing board the microphone switching features of a professional broadcast console! High reliability LED lighted MIC ON and MIC OFF buttons enable and disable the mic channel(s) so the mic level control(s) can be left at the optimum setting. More than one Mic input can be controlled simultaneously using multiple “insert cables”. With the optional DM Engineering Solid State RELAYPACK in addition to the STUDIOSLAVE, your 115VAC wall or hallway ON AIR and RECORDING signs are also controllable. The MIC PRO is attached to the console with the supplied hook and loop fastener system or double-sided tape (included).

Main Features:
• Mic Pro module with 6 ft. control cable
• One 6 ft. insert cable with 1/4" phone jack and terminating resistive network
• Hook and loop fastener materials
• Double sided adhesive pad
• Cable tie and tie anchor
• Two 620 ohm resistors for monitor speaker muting circuit
• Size: 2.7” x 2.6” x 1.1”
• Shipping Weight: 1 Lb. (approximate)

System Requirements:
• Production mixer with "Insert" jacks available for each microphone channel controlled
• DM Engineering STUDIOSLAVE or a competitive product with: 9-15 VDC available for LED illumination; 1 set of SPDT relay contacts for each Microphone channel controlled; 2 sets of SPDT relay contacts for monitor speaker muting; latching inputs for ON and OFF functions.

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