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DM Engineering MICPRO2

Microphone On/Off Switching Module & 6 Ft Cable


This state-of-the-art, stand-alone microphone switching control makes low cost production mixing boards perform like expensive broadcast consoles.

As many microphone channels as your production board has "Insert" jacks for can now be individually controlled by its own Mic-Pro 2. It is also ideal for home studio applications and professional studio control of individual microphones for round table, interview room, or conference room applications where a single operator or multiple guests can control their own microphones.

Each Mic-Pro 2 also provides a logic low output for interfacing with the DM Engineering Studio SLAVE Relay Pack and Solid State Relay Pack or the H. E. Superelay if desired. Its outputs may be paralleled from multiple Mic-Pro 2 modules to control one Slave Relay Pack for controlling studio muting and ON AIR and RECORDING sign functions, and is a great choice for expanding existing Mic-Pro systems.

It's powered by either a supplied DC power supply module, the Studio SLAVE Relay Pack or Superelay, if used. As many as 5 Mic Pro 2 switching modules can be powered by one power supply module, Studio SLAVE or Superelay.

• Production Board with "Insert" jacks for each channel to be controlled_
• 9-12 VDC @ 45 ma input power (from included Power Supply module or Studio SLAVE Relay Pack or equivalent)

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