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DM Engineering RELAYPACK

Solid State Switcher


The Studio Solid State RELAYPACK is a switching interface for controlling 115VAC “ON AIR” or “RECORDING” lamps using N. O. contacts or a logic low, and/or low voltage DC control. It is designed to interface with the DM Engineering STUDIOSLAVE, but will perform with any N.O. contact closure or DC control input voltage between 5 and 15 VDC, and input voltage polarity need not be observed. The input connector is a Eurostyle type terminal block. AC input and output connections are standard Nema grounded AC plug and receptacle types. It uses Zero-crossing technology to eliminate noise and boasts UL recognized components. It can deliver up to 5A @ 125VAC, and is internally fused at 5A.

• Output: 125VAC (dependent on input line voltage) @ .06-5A
• Control Inputs: 5-15VDC @ 15 ma., and/or N.O. contacts or logic low
• Power input: Available AC line voltage via 6’ three wire line cord. Unit is internally fused at 5A
• Size: 5 X 6 X 1.5 inches
• Shipping weight: Approximately 2 lbs

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