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Dead Air Detector / Paging System


The DM Engineering Silence Sense Sr. consists of the Silence Sense Jr. integrated with the Pager-Dialer module. Not only will you be notified of silence sense conditions but there is another available alert port for any other condition you want to monitor. All that is needed is a contact closure. Or, you may elect to have the Pager-Dialer call a 2nd number or redial the first number, it's up to you (the Pager-Dialer gives you a programmable telephone dialer with tone encoding for audible telephone messaging and/or pager activation output). The Silence Sense Sr. memory is non-volatile and your programmed information will remain in memory until re-programmed. Silence Sense Sr. may be programmed using your PC with HyperTerminal, or may be ordered pre-programmed at no additional cost. Battery backup is included as well as complete instructions, PC programming serial cable, external DC power supply and all required connectors.

Main Features:
• Audio Input: Impedance is 10K ohms minimum, single ended, RCA female connector
• Input Level: -30 to +10 dbm., input adjustable
• Silence Detect Time: 5-60 seconds, user adjustable (custom or longer timing is available)
• Auxiliary Input Port: Screw terminal, Normally high, activated on low (contact closure)
• Output: RJ-11 Modular connection for telephone line
• Dialing Digits Allowed: 15 for each phone/pager number, 0-9, *, # and pause
• Code Digits Allowed: 15 for each number dialed
• Programming: By PC (HyperTerminal or other modem program) via serial port (DB9)
• Power Requirements: Supplied adapter, 115 VAC to 9-12 VDC, 100-200 ma.
• Battery Back-up Requirements: 9 VDC alkaline battery, NEDA 1604A (supplied)
• Size: 5.1 x 5.3 x 1.7
• Shipping Weight: Approximately 2 lbs.

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