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Automatic Level Control Mono +4 Balanced



The FP-ALC1 is the ideal choice in many applications where consistent mono audio levels are needed from professional sources with varying audio output levels. Power connections are made using either the full-size barrier block or a dc power jack located in one end panel.

The FP-ALC1 is a single channel (mono) module featuring a detachable terminal block for the input and output. A single user adjustment makes installation simple and efficient. The gain adjustment is set as high as possible with the loudest source without the INPUT OVERLOAD indicator flashing. No further adjustments are needed. Sound systems fed from variable audio source levels, such as multiple CD changers, satellite receivers or paging sources benefit from consistent levels.

Common FP-ALC1 applications include paging outputs from telephone systems, music-on-hold feeds for telephone systems, background or foreground amplifier inputs in sound systems, voice feeds in communications/intercom systems. PS24AS power supply not included.

Main Features:
• Consistent Levels from Variable Sources
• Split-Band AGC for Audio Transparency
• Self-Adjusting Attack and Release Times
• AGC with Simple Single-Control Setup
• Level Control Range > 20 dB
• Gated Control to Avoid Level Seeking
• Convenience of RDL FLAT-PAKs Consistent Levels from Variable Sources

• Input:10 kΩ balanced bridging (may be connected unbalanced)
• Input Level:+4 dBu (nominal)
• Output:150 Ω balanced (may be connected unbalanced)
• Output Level:+4 dBu
• Automatic Level Range:-16 to +14 dBu
• Gate Threshold:-18 dBu (20 Hz to 3 kHz)
• Frequency Response (excluding AGC):20 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 0.75 dB)
• THD+N (excluding AGC):< 0.15% (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
• Noise:< -90 dB (below +4 dBu output)
• Headroom:> 18 dB • Indicator (1):INPUT OVERLOAD
• Power Requirement:GROUND-REFERENCED, 24 Vdc @ 80 mA
• Overall Dimensions: Height:1.42 in. 3.61 cm Width:3.25 in. 8.26 cm Length:5.75 in. 14.61 cm
• Ambient Operating Environment:0° C to 55° C

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