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Divider / Combiner


Each STD module is a resistive branching network with RF filtering on each of the four channels. Any channel, A through D, may be either an input or an output. This permits combining stereo signals into mono inputs, splitting mono signals to multiple inputs, and even combining microphones with output shorting switches into a single amplifier input. The STD modules are available in 150 Ω, 600 Ω and 10 kΩ models. All inputs and outputs are balanced.

Main Features:
• 150, 600 or 10 kΩ Operation
• Combine Audio Signals to a Single Output
• Filter RF from an Audio Line
• Combine Stereo Signals
• Feed a Mono Signal to Stereo Inputs
• Combine Multiple Mics to a Single Amp
• Compactness of RDL STICK-ONs

vCircuit Type: Passive
• Circuit Configuration: Balanced
• Input/Output Impedance: 150 Ω, 600 Ω, or 10 kΩ, as marked • Number of Inputs / Outputs: 4 total; usable in any combination; split 1 in to 3 out; 2 in to 2 out; 3 in to 1 out
• Insertion Loss: 3 dB
• Isolation Between Channels: 3 dB (use RDL mixers or distribution amps for isolation)
• Maximum Signal Input: +28 dBu (at 600 Ω) +22 dBu (at 150 Ω)
• Power Requirement: Passive (not required)

RDL STD-10K Figure 1

RDL STD-10K Figure 2

RDL STD-10K Figure 3

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