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Titus MLW4

8 Channel Mono 4 Channel Automatic Stereo Router Monitor Silence Sense


The Titus Technological Laboratories MLW-4 was inspired by years of products like the MLW-1, MLW-2, MLW-8, and The Last Word (I and II). The features of the MLW-4 make it the superior choice for automatic mono, stereo and alternate channel routing. The MLW-4 can be not only used for simple correction of a problem with an input source but be used to integrate EANS broadcast tests and emergency notices, testing of audio sources prior to putting them on the air, AND control of audio for alternate channel programming or even monitoring and control of an AM and FM stereo facility with one box! All of the automatic functions are programmed via the front panel push buttons or via the internet including time delays, sequencing, and alarm output relay functions. All programming is stored internally in non-volatile ram.

• FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20-20,000 Hz, + / - 1.0 DB
• HARMONIC DISTORTION: <0.3 % THD + noise (20-20 kHz) <0.3 IMD (SMPTE)
OUTPUTS: Main Program 1, Main Program 2
 • Aux PGM 1, Aux PGM 2
 • 50 Ohm source impedance
 • Can drive 600 Ohm or greater termination
 • Headphone outputs follow program outputs
• REMOTE I/O: 25 pin connector providing alarms via DRY closure relay, MLW-4 control
• AUDIO CONNECTORS: Plug type terminal
 • +10 DBM to -10 DBM user set in 1 db increments
 • Eight Audio Inputs, all active, balanced, bridging ( > 50 kOhms)
• SIGNAL TO NOISE: Better than 65 DB below nominal + 4 DBM operating level
• METERING: LCD Average level -40 dB to 0 dB
• POWER: 90 VAC to 260 VAC, 50 to 440 Hz
• DIMENSIONS: 19” wide standard EIA rack 1.75” high, 11” deep.

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