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CircuitWerkes DT-232

DTMF To ASCII Bi Directional


The CircuitWerkes DT-232 is a dial-up remote control that gives you DTMF access to four user-programmable relays. Relays can be programmed to respond to any DTMF tone or sequence.

The DT-232 can output serial data, in your user-defined format, so it can interface to virtually any piece of hardware that requires serial control or input. The DT-232 receives DTMF tones from either its audio input connector or from its built-in telephone autocoupler. The DTMF tones are converted to user-defined ASCII data and transmitted to the host computer or remote equipment.

In addition to receiving DTMF tones, the DT- 232 can accept ASCII input from its serial port and generate DTMF tones that are transmitted to a phone line for controlling equipment in remote locations.

An included Windows program makes control and programming incredibly simple. You can also operate the DT-232's basic functions from any terminal program on almost any type of computer. The free software lets you upload, download save your DT-232 configurations. Software is required for the advanced programming functions.

CircuitWerkes DT-232 Features:
• Converts DTMF tones to user defined ASCII strings and sends them out via serial port
• Four on-board SPST relays can be controlled via DTMF tones or sequences
• Accepts DTMF from either its audio input port or the built-in autocoupler
• Auto-answers on user selectable ring number and auto-drops at call's end
• 4-digit user-settable password prevents pirating
• Each relay can be independently set to function as a momentary closure, latching closure with distinct on/off codes, interlocked latching with other relays and more
• Any relay can be assigned to any tone(s)
• Decodes up to 19 user-defined, DTMF, sequences
• Each sequence can have up to 7 actions, including: Close relay, open relay, timed closure/timed open, toggle relay, pause, send ascii and jump to sequence number
• Serial outputs can be up to 32 characters and are completely user-programmable; using action sequences, strings can even be combined
• Accepts serial data input and sends DTMF tones for controlling remote equipment on phone lines
• Windows based user interface for PC users simplifies control and programming and lets you save your DT-232 configurations
• Each relay is programmable to beep (send DTMF tone) when activated
• Provides phone line audio input or output
• Relay outputs appear on easy to use screw terminals
• Retains its settings after a power failure
• Rugged, metal case can be table, wall or, optionally, rack mounted

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