Telos VX Prime Engine
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Telos VX Prime Engine

VOIP Broadcast Telephone Solution Engine - 2001-00424


Telos VX Prime Engine
Telos VX Prime EngineTelos VX Prime Engine
Telos VX Prime is a powerful, cost-­‐effective VoIP broadcast telephone solution sized to support small-­‐ to medium-­‐size facility installations. VX Prime features eight high-­‐performance VoIP hybrids to support multiple lines of concurrent on-­‐air phones, ideal for two to four studios (depending on configuration).

VX phone systems use Ethernet for their network backbones, a powerful yet simple way to share phone lines among studios and connect system components. They integrate easily with Axia Livewire IP-­‐Audio networks, connecting multiple channels of audio and control via a single Ethernet RJ-­‐45. For clients without Axia networks, Telos Audio Interfaces, Multipurpose, and GPIO Nodes provide audio and logic breakout.

VX Prime uses standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to work with your VoIP-­‐ based SIP PBX or SIP Telco service. They can easily support hundreds of SIP phone numbers, with up to eight individual calls on the air at once (more when conferenced). As many as 96 lines can be available for callers to ring-­‐in. The system is natively SIP-­‐based, and can be used with T1, ISDN, or POTS telephone service when used in conjunction with Telos-­‐approved Asterisk®-­‐based telephone servers (see below), most SIP PBX systems, or third-­‐party gateways. Each studio can be configured with a dedicated Program-­‐on-­‐Hold feed.

For fast connection to Livewire AoIP systems, all I/O is handled via a single Livewire Ethernet jack that connects to your system’s Ethernet switch and a wide variety of peripherals like production workstations, Livewire studio audio, VSet phones, PC-­‐ based screener applications, console-­‐integrated controllers, and more. A separate WAN Ethernet port enables remote management and easy, secure connection to PBXs and service providers. Each VX Prime engine purchase includes a free Lite version of Broadcast Bionics XScreen call screening/management software.

VX Prime engines are fan-­‐free and convection-­‐cooled for silent operation and are equipped with modular, hot-­‐swap capable dual-­‐redundant internal auto-­‐ranging power supplies. 90 – 132 / 187 – 264 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz. 100 Watts. Rackmount, 2RU.

Main Features:
Cost-Efficient Way to Upgrade to IP
• Lower cost alternative to full VX Broadcast System
• Broadcasters save money every month on expensive ISDN/POTS lines
• Ideal for smaller facilities (2-4 studios) with smaller budgets
Immaculate Audio Quality
• Native support of G.722 'HD Voice' codec
• Smart AGC ensures consistent caller audio levels
• Digital Dynamic EQ (DDEQ) by Omnia adjusts EQ automatically to ensure call-to-call consistency and the best intelligibility
Simple Setup
• Connects to your existing Livewire network with a single Ethernet cable
• Non-Livewire studios can use Telos Multipurpose Node for audio and GPIO connectivity to studio consoles
• Provides phone hybrids for each of your studios without need for any additional wiring or physical audio connections
Flexible Use
• No restriction to the number of SIP lines or phone numbers that can come into the system
• Eight fixed hybrid/faders (not expandable)
Unparalleled Support
• Industry-leading 24/7 support
• Telos standard 5-Year warranty
• Free Xscreen Lite call-screening software from Broadcast Bionics
• Requires VSET (not included)

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