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Sports Remote Package - Promix-4 Console, with 2 BPHS1 Headsets


The ProMix 4 is a full-featured audio mixing console perfect for most any broadcast studio while also excelling in remote broadcast and podcasting applications. It features three microphone and/or line inputs as well as a dedicated line input that may be switched between a balanced line input and the internal USB codec. It also gives you a program limiter, a balanced and unbalanced mix buss and a mix-minus output, while offering three independent headphone amplifiers with IFB/Program pan controls along with a comprehensive studio monitoring system. Great mixer for Podcasters too!

Main Features:
• Three universal microphone / monaural line level input channels.
• One monaural balanced line level input.
• Balanced monaural program output with defeatable soft-clipper.
• Built-in USB codec for computer audio playback and recording.
• Mix-Minus output
• LED audio output level VU meter.
• Full duplex talk-back capability - *Requires ProMix HUB 6 controller (sold separately)
• IFB audio input with level adjustment.
• Three 1/4″ stereo headphone outputs with independent volume, IFB pan and program pan controls for custom headphone mixes.
• Line level monaural monitor speaker audio output with switch configurable microphone muting.
• On-air tally/warning light relay output.
• Remote channel control and status via terminal block connectors.
• Can be combined with additional ProMix 4 and/or ProMix 1 units with the ProMix Hub 6 and standard Cat5 cables.
• Can drive multiple AHR-1 Plus headphone system.

Audio Technica BPHS1

We think this headset is one of the best bargains in broadcasting. But don't just take our word for it, here's what some of your fellow broadcasters are saying:

“Excellent sounding microphone, and good sealed-back headphones make this a great choice for a live broadcast situation. We use these for football, but these would be good for any radio situation.”

“Exactly what I needed for my use in (the) WHBU studio.”

“Clear sound, fairly light weight, and though the mic does pick up a bit of background noise, that's actually desirable at a sports broadcast…. Definitely recommended….”

The Audio-Technica BPHS1 broadcast headset is a rugged stereo headset created especially for on-air news and sports broadcasting, announcing and interviews. It offers natural, highly intelligible and focused vocal reproduction, closed-back circumaural (around-the-ear) ear cups to seal out background noise, and a high-output dynamic microphone mounted on a flexible gooseneck boom.

The headset's microphone has a cardioid polar pattern tailored for pickup of speech with maximum voice intelligibility over a wide range of frequencies. It is more sensitive to sound originating directly in front of the element, making it useful in reducing pickup of unwanted sounds. The flexible gooseneck boom swivels for easy positioning on either the right or left side.

Audio-Technica BPHS1 Broadcast Headset Features:
• Microphone features polar pattern and frequency response tailored for natural, highly intelligible vocal reproduction
• Closed-back circumaural ear cups help seal out crowd noise and other background distractions
• Neodymium magnets in microphone and headphones for high output level & detailed sound reproduction
• Rugged design with user-replaceable cable and ear pads
• Cardioid pickup pattern of the dynamic microphone rejects off-axis sounds
• Boom-mounted microphone can be positioned on the left or right side
• Adjustable cushioned headband and lightweight design for long-wearing comfort
• Cable termination: 3-pin XLRM-type connector for microphone 1/4" 3-conductor for headphones


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