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Minirator Signal Generator


The MR-PRO is a powerful analog audio generator that gives you a full range of analog test signals, including Sine waveforms, sweep signals, white noise, pink noise and more. With its rotary settings wheel, fast access function keys, a backlit LCD, illuminated mute button, safety hand strap, jack for external DC power supply and a USB interface for firmware updates, it delivers versatile, efficient performance every time. Measurement functions include continuous monitoring of the impedance, signal balance and phantom power of a connected load, and it also functions as a cable analyzer when needed.

Generator Functions:
• Sine Waveforms, freely selectable frequencies, up to +18 dBu
• Sweep Signals, any frequency interval up to 1/12 octave
• White Noise, Pink Noise
• Polarity Test Signal
• Delay Test Signal

Measurement Functions:
• Balance
• Load Impedance
• Phantom Power Voltage

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