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Potomac PI4100

Medium Wave Field Strength Meter


New Potomac PI-4100 Medium Wave Field Strength Meter.

Trade guesswork for stone cold certainty with the Potomac PI-4100. This precision survey instrument is designed to directly measure electromagnetic field strength in the 520 kHz to 5.1 MHz frequency spectrum.

The successor to the industry standard FIM-41, it combines a laboratory quality radio frequency voltmeter, a calibrated, shielded loop antenna, an internal GPS receiver, an internal calibration source, and data acquisition hardware and software in a single rock-solid package weighing well under 7 lbs.

Main Features:
• 116 dB dynamic range tuned RF voltmeter
• Digitally synthesized tuning in 1.0 kHz increments
• Self Calibrating & Easy to Operate
• Spectrum display to facilitate various compliance measurements
• Digital Field Strength Display
• Digital Spectrum Display
• Digital Data Capture & Storage
• SBAS augmented GPS positioning
• E-Data Friendly Transport Software
• BW Shape Factor (-6 to -75 dB): 2:1
• Harmonics Measured to 5.2 MHz
• Auto timed-interval data collection
• Antenna Orientation Compass
• Use as Hand-held or Tripod mount
• External 50 ohms Calibration Input Port
• Removable Loop Antenna
• Shielded Modular Construction

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