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ERI CS203-124

1-5/8" 4 Port Co-Planer Switch 115 VAC 24 VDC

BSW PART: CS203-124

The CS203, 1-5/8-inch broad band motorized coaxial switch designed for any VHF or UHF broadcast application from 54 to 860 MHz. This new motorized switch is a coplanar design that simplifies interconnecting transmission line requirements and allows for more compact equipment configurations with fewer expensive elbows. The switch is driven by a precise Geneva Drive mechanism that prevents deterioration of transmission system performance by maintaining precise 90-degree rotation for each activation.

The CS203 is available with either a 110 VAC or 240 VAC drive motor and control voltages of 12 VDC or 24 VDC. Manual operation is also provided by a hex drive Tee wrench through a hole in the switch case. If power to the drive is interrupted, the control circuit provides non-volatile memory such that the switch either holds its position or continues its transition upon re-application of AC power.

The CS203 is provided as a four port coaxial switch, the standard model can be adapted to three port configurations with the addition of a shorting cap. This allows the switch to be used in future configurations requiring 4 ports, by only removing the shorting cap.

• Frequency range from 54 to 860 MHz;
• Non-volatile position memory;
• VSWR <1.07:1 typical;
• Isolation > 50 dB typical;
• 1-5/8 EIA male ports;
• Three port application require only the addition of a shorting cap;
• Geneva drive mechanism provides precise position; control;
• Mount in any orientation;

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