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Tunwall Radio TRC-1

Single Switch Controller


The Tunwall Radio TRC-1 controller is an FM or AM non-directional controller. It is designed for one coaxial switch or 120V AM contactor, two transmitters, one antenna and a dummy load. The key switch selected auto function will transfer to the aux transmitter upon failure of the main transmitter. The dummy load ready light works with the load interlock logic for automatic load protection.

The pre-programmed PLC (programmable logic controller) in the TRC-1 provides control and logic for the coaxial switch and transmitters. The coaxial switch plugs into a 9-pin AMP connector on the controller, and transmitter and remote control connections are made to barrier strip terminals.

The TRC-1 has automatic plate on for transmitter 2 when auto transfer is enabled. This is enough automatic control for many stations. For additional plate control, see the TRC-1P.

The TRC-1 is compatible with all standard coaxial switches, and can also be used with RF contactors for non-directional AM stations.

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