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Tunwall Radio TRC-3

Three-Switch Controller


The Tunwall Radio TRC-3 three switch controller is for combined FM transmitter systems. It is designed for three coaxial switches, one antenna and a combiner/injector. Logic for a third transmitter is programmed on this controller. The key switch selected auto function will transfer to separate transmitter 1 or 2 mode if either fails. The dummy load ready light works with the load interlock logic for automatic load protection.

The pre-programmed PLC (programmable logic controller) in the TRC-3 provides control and logic for the coaxial switches and transmitters. The coaxial switches plug into 9-pin AMP connectors on the controller, and transmitter and remote control connections are made to barrier strip terminals.

The TRC-3 is compatible with all standard coaxial switches, and can also be used with RF contactors for non-directional AM stations.

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