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Bext XL2000

2000 W Ultra compact, Frequency Agile FM Transmitter


Bext XL2000
2000 W Ultra compact, Frequency Agile FM Transmitter

Main Features:
• Newest MOSFET technology totally unaffected by 100% reflected power or direct short on output
• High efficiency 1000 W or 2000 W in two rack spaces with webpage and multiple connectivity options
• Fast access to settings & all readings from front panel via menu display and via LAN, Web or USB
• User manual & tech documentation accessible from front USB port even when unit is powered down
• Built-in firmware allows easy management of main TX / spare TX duties or N + 1 duties
• Full Telemetry & Remote Control connections
• User adjustable power output from 0 W to full power with soft-start control
• Automatic power control maintains the output power at any pre-set level
• Connections for external power control loop to maintain pre-set power level of external amplifier
• Modular layout with plug-in, easily replaceable circuits and parts
• Includes low pass/harmonic filter and meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR requirements
• Excellent audio specifications and optional AES-EBU Digital Audio input
• Automatic alerts; E-mail notifications sent in case of alarms triggered
• Cool running; new mosfets enable the units to run much cooler than previous types extending the units’ longevity as well as fan replacement intervals.
• Dedicated static IP address; provided that the transmitter site has internet availability, all parameters can be accessed remotely worldwide with a PC, tablet or cell phone via the internet.
• Built-in, selectable, very high separation internal Stereo Generator and Fast Audio Clipper, standard
• Optional programmable FSK ID Keyer by software for auto-ID of translators
• Model XL 1000 can be powered by 120 V or 220 V

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*Please consult a broadcast engineer to determine if this unit is right for your application and you are meeting all of the appropriate legal requirements. You can review the FCC regulations on LPFM and unlicensed usage below.

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