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Crown Broadcast CT-1

FM/AM Internal Receiver


Crown CT-1
The Crown Broadcast CT-1 internal FM/AM receiver will work with all Crown units up to 600W. It offers multiple user adjustments and settings, factory presets and on-board diagnostic tools as well as a silence sense function and future HD FM capability. Click here to get a quote.

Crown Broadcast CT-1 Features:
• 50dB quieting sensitivity (mono) of 11.2dBf
• 60dB quieting sensitivity (mono) of 17.0dBf
• THD (1kHz mono) of 0.03 percent
• Stereo separation (1kHz) of 61dB
• Signal-to-noise of 65dBf (mono) of 79.5dB
• Adjacent-channel selectivity of 82dB (noise limited)

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