Crown Broadcast FM2000T
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Crown Broadcast FM2000T

*2kW Transmitter w/ FM150T


More than just an FM exciter or amplifier, a Crown integrated FM transmitter system combines built-in audio processing and stereo generation in one rugged, compact unit. Each model provides excellent signal quality, ease of use, and economical long-term reliability with a variety of features including: quick set-up; built-in digital metering and diagnostics; 87-108 MHz user-selectable frequency range; 100/120 VAC, 220/240 VAC or DC operation. Reliable operation is a major design criterion. With Teflon circuit boards and copper heat spreaders in the RF chain, the unit functions with less heat and improved life span. A unique Automatic Level Compensation (ALC) circuit protects the unit from voltage, temperature and VSWR variations. If operating parameters move outside the safe operating range, the ALC automatically reduces output power to safe limits until normal conditions are restored. Highly efficient power amplifiers are part of the 2-kw FM transmitter system. The FM2000T 2 kW transmitter is broadband and 75 to 80% efficient across the band. All Crown units feature a 3-year warranty.

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