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Crown Broadcast FME-300FS

300w FM Transmitter with Limiter, Encoder, GPIO, TCP/IP, & RDS


Crown Broadcast E-250FS FM
Crown Broadcast E-250FS FMCrown Broadcast E-250FS FM
*EMR is a proactive service program that sends regular reports on the status of key parameters such as temperatures, currents and voltages, plus information on the performance and lifespan of components such as fan and power supply of the transmitter. Even with only one year of service, the EMR program will warranty the product for 10-Years as long as the unit is kept connected to the Internet. Combining the very latest technologies with ECRESO’s proven RF experience, the Crown Broadcast E-250 FM transmitter has been designed to offer an innovative and highly reliable solution for low power transmission.

Part of the first FM transmitter range to be based on a 6th Generation MOSFET, the new Crown Broadcast E-250 FM is not only more robust, it also delivers exceptional efficiency.

Top signal quality and performance are achieved thanks to the “FM Band Direct to Frequency” Digital Modulator which is at the heart of this range. 

Several innovative features are available on the Crown Broadcast E-250 FM, such as dynamic RDS encoding and an FM Limiter. Fully featured for local maintenance and configuration, it also allows extensive remote control by Web server, SNMP, RS232 or GPIOs.

The manufacturing quality and the simplicity of use make this a truly powerful transmitter to broadcast analog FM programs.

Main Features:
• 10 Year Warranty
• Our exceptional design quality
• The outstanding efficiency of our transmitters
• EMR, our new, proactive maintenance service
• Compact 2U rack design
• FM Limiter with MPX power control (ITU-R 412)
• Dynamic RDS Encoder
• Silence detection and intelligent failover
• Audio backup
• Direct to channel digital modulator
• Stereo Encoder with analog and/or digital audio inputs
• Advanced Metering Interface
• Expert Maintenance Reporting
• TCP/IP with Web browser and SNMP


• Frequency range: 87.5 to 108 MHz in 10 kHz steps
• Frequency stability: < 10-6 per year
• Spurious and harmonic suppression: Meets or exceeds all ETSI requirements
• Intermodulation distortion: 0.02% typical
• FM S/N ratio: > 80 dB
• Typical AM noise: 65 dB RMS (Helios FM 20W/100W) 75 dB RMS (Helios FM >750W)
• Bandwidth: 0.05 dB
• Stereophonic separation: 65 dB
• Preemphasis 0 μs, 50 μs or 75 μs
• Audio inputs: Analog and/or AES «XLR» Up to 192 kb/s @ 16, 24, 32 bits MPX/SCA inputs 2 «BNC» type
• Marking: CE
• Standards 1999/5/CE (R&TTE) ETS 302 018 (EMC) ETS 300 384 (Radio) NF EN 60215 (Safety)
• Main Power Supply 100-250V / 50-60 Hz

*Please consult a broadcast engineer to determine if this unit is right for your application and you are meeting all of the appropriate legal requirements. You can review the FCC regulations on LPFM and unlicensed usage below.

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