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Crown Broadcast FME-750FS

750w Transmitter / Exciter with Digital Modulator, GPIO, TCP/IP,AMI & RDS


Crown Broadcast FME-750FS
The E Series by Crown Broadcast, offers the newest in technology to ensure the most high quality and flexible FM Broadcast transmitter on the market. With built in direct to frequency digital exciter the E Series transmitters will be among the best sounding most highly flexible products available to the broadcaster.

The new E series offers product levels from 20 watts up to 10kW’s making for a very highly featured cost effective solution for the broadcaster. Besides the standard features of a direct-to-channel digital excite, a digital Stereo Generator, user adjustable FSK identification, and full control via RS232 or GPIO’s, the E Series also has optional features such as a built-in dynamic RDS encoder, an FM Limiter w/AGC, full command and control via the built-in Web Server, SNMP, and SMTP. Along with these features, the recently released firmware update now supports AES over MPX.

The E Series is proudly Powered by Ecreso a WorldCast Systems Company exclusively to all customers in the United States through our normal dealer network. All Service and Support will be exactly the same enjoyed by our current Crown Broadcast customers of our Classic line which will continue to be produced in parallel to this product offering the end user the most choice of product type under 10kW’s of any transmitter manufacturer on the market.

*Crown FME-750 Pictured

Main Features:
• Direct to Channel Digital Modulator for ultra-clear audio quality
• TCP/IP, SNMP Management
• Advanced Metering Interface
• 24/7 Service/Support
• 3-Year Warranty Extendable to 10-Years*
• Efficient Cost Effective Solution
• Best-in-Class Crown Service and Support

• Advanced Measurement Interface—Allows the end user to consult a real-time dashboard that provides an overview of the transmitter performance. Built-In instrumentation enables detailed analysis of the RF Spectrum, MPX Spectrum, Audio Spectrum and Peak Meters. All displayed simultaneously in a clear and easy to understand format.

• TCP/IP: Web + SNMP/SMTP Interface—Added as option to base E Series transmitters, the TCP/IP communication board offers an intuitive Web based interface for remote monitoring and control, and support for the SNMP/SMTP protocol including access to MIB files. In addition, the TCP/IP board supports capabilities like Advanced Measurement Interface and Expert Maintenance Reporting.

• Expert Maintenance Reporting—A proactive reporting service available to monitor the status of key parameters such as Temperatures, currents and voltages, plus performance parameters of lifespan constricted items such as the fan and power supply of the transmitters. The firewall-friendly web protocol works securely over a regular internet connection.

• Dynamic RDS Encoder—The built-in RDS Encoder offers an exceptional value to the end user and offers all the functionality of external products for a fraction of the price. Used as the main Encoder or as a back up to your main Encoder thanks to SCA input loss detection plus automatic internal RDS activation. Supports PI, PS, TP, TA, MS, PTY, PTYN, DI, AF, RT with easy set up via RS232 software or Web.

• Best-in-Class Crown Service and Support—The E series units will be serviced and supported with all the same contacts and phone numbers and email addresses that you currently use. Service and Support is available 24/7 365 days per year. Sales will be through our normal sales network so contact you favorite Crown Broadcast dealer for pricing and availability.

• Powered by Ecreso—Crown Broadcast is excited to be the exclusive source of Ecreso Transmitters in the United States. Ecreso is part of WorldCast Systems headquartered in Bordeaux, France. WorldCast Systems also owns APT a well known manufacturer of IP Audio Codecs and Audemat a well known highly respected producer of RDS and test and measurement devices.

• Optional* 10-Year Warranty—Crown customers who subscribe to Ecreso’s exclusive Expert Maintenance Reporting service for a minimum of 1 year and continued connection to the internet will receive a full 10-Years of Warranty peace of mind. EMR will deliver reports on the status of parameters such as temperature, current and voltage as well as the performance and lifespan of components such as the fan and power supply of the transmitter.


• Power Levels—20W. 100W, 350W, 750W, 1kW, 1.5kW , 2kW with higher powers available up to 10kW
• Warranty— 3-Year standard, upgradable to 10 years with EMR plan.
• Overall Efficiency—Up to 74%
• Frequency Range—87.5 to 108 MHz in 10 kHz steps
• Inter-modulation distortion—0.02% Typical
• FM S/N Ratio—>80dB Typical AM Noise 65dB RMS (20W/100W) 75dB RMS (>350W)
• Bandwidth—0.05 dB
• Stereo Separation—65 dB
• Preemphasis—0, 50 or 75 microseconds adjustable
• Audio Inputs—Analog and/or XLR up to 192 kb/s @ 16, 24 32 bits
• MPX/SCA Inputs—2 BNC Type 
•  Approvals—FCC Certified up to 1kW, FCC Approval >1kW, Industry Canada and CE
• Stereo Encoder—Built-In
• Silent Detection—Yes with Built-In failover
• Remote Control—Yes via Web Server, SNMP, RS 232C, GPIO
• RDS Encoder—Yes Dynamic
• FSK Ider—Yes adjustable from front panel
• Limiter—Yes with MPX power control (ITU-R 412)
• Metering and Reporting—available via internet or network
• Redundancy—Yes N+1, 1+1
• Size 20W and 100W—2 RU
• Size 350W to 2kW—3RU
• Depth 350W, 750W and 1kW—17 Inches
• Depth 1.5kW and 2kW—26.4 Inches
• Weights— 20W = 100W = 350W = 27.55lbs 750W = 28.66 lbs 1000W = 30.86 lbs 1500W = 39.68 lbs 2000W = 44.1 lbs

*Please consult a broadcast engineer to determine if this unit is right for your application and you are meeting all of the appropriate legal requirements. You can review the FCC regulations on LPFM and unlicensed usage below.

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