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Ecreso EFM10000-FULL-STD

10K FM Transmitter - Standard Version (TOP/TOP) TF01206-TT01



The latest and most powerful system in our range, the ECRESO FM 5kW/10kW transmitter offers a truly revolutionary approach to high power FM transmission. With all the key advantages of the core ECRESO range, the ECRESO FM 5kW/10kW adds a whole new dimension of reliability, redundancy and efficiency. The power amplifiers, power supplies and even the fan modules are fully hot swappable and redundant and a completely passive 6-way coupler ensures that, should one of the amplifiers suffer a fault, the transmitter can stay on-air with minimum power loss indefinitely until the fault is rectified. The highly efficient, self-monitoring power supplies contribute to a transmitter system efficiency of up to 76%, the highest available in today’s FM broadcast market. The unique architecture and innovative design ensure ease of access, ease of use and ease of maintenance.

Main Features:
• 1+1 redundancy level
• Digital modulator «Direct to Channel»
• 5-Band Sound Processor*
• MPX over AES compatibility
• Full TCP/IP and SNMP
• Advanced Measurement Interface
• 24hr graphical history log
• Expert Maintenance Reporting (EMR)
• Up to 76% efficiency
• Hot swappable power amplifiers, power supplies and fans
• Built-In functionality
• Increased life span

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