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5kW FM Transmitter - Standard Version (TOP/TOP) TF01205-TT01



Ecreso FM 5-10kW is a fully digital transmitter for analog FM and is the most powerful product in WorldCast Systems’ Ecreso portfolio. Engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding network operators and stations, it combines reliable performance, high efficiency of up to 76%, and state-of-the-art innovations. Truly revolutionary, the Ecreso 5-10kW has a built-in 1+1 redundancy which ensures it stays on-air with minimal or no power loss. With the Ecreso FM 5-10kW, broadcasters benefit reduced maintenance thanks to hot swappable power supplies, power amplifiers and fans, as well as a multitude of onboard features such as SmartFM, a patented Artificial Intelligence for FM bringing up to 40% energy cost savings.

This advanced broadcasting solution is the result of decades of experience and a mission to bring to market the best FM transmitters in terms of total cost of ownership and audio quality.

Main Features:
• 60 years of RF Expertise
• Full customer support to accompany you for installation, configuration,maintenance, repairs and on-site field operations
• Turnkey Solutions: Available as standalone unit or as a complete system
• Project Assistance: site visits, factory acceptance tests, team trainings, installation support
• Up to 10-years Warranty
• Up to 76% efficiency with planar design and 6th generation MOSFET + SmartFM
• Many onboard functions: Dynamic RDS Encoder, Digital Stereo Encoder, Audio Backup, MPX Power Limiter, GPIO, SmartFM...
• High Reliability with HALT, PSA, FMECA, Burn-in...
• Full SNMP Management
• Reduced maintenance with hot swappable PSUs and Fans
• Customized air flow configurations
• Built-in 1+1 redundancy that keeps you on-air
• Direct-to-channel digital modulator: highest signal quality, built-in broadcast tools control of all parameters
• 5-Band sound processor
• Digital MPX/Composite over AES
• Audio backup with silent detect on all program inputs, intelligent automatic auto-switch & recovery, internal player with μSD card

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