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Ecreso FM Receiver Silver IP

FM Analog Receiver IP/IO version


FM Receiver Silver
FM Receiver SilverFM Receiver Silver Rear
Ecreso FM Receiver Silver IP Figure 1The Ecreso FM Receiver Silver is a professional FM rebroadcast receiver offering great performance at an affordable price. Click here to get a quote.

The FM Receiver Silver is capable of receiving a signal in difficult circumstances and outputting an MPX baseband or audio signal that can be used for high quality retransmission by any make of transmitter. This allows broadcasters to provide complete coverage in shadow areas, tunnels and other hard to reach areas.

To provide broadcast engineers with complete peace of mind, the FM Receiver Silver will monitor RF levels and MPX deviation to establish the presence of a suitable signal and display the current status via the LED front panel. The presence of Pilot and RDS signals are also monitored and the PI code can be decoded to ensure correct program tuning. Level meters offer a visualization of the current level of audio activity.

Compatible with all makes of FM transmitters, the unit also provides a double MPX output so it can also be used in conjunction with 1+1 or Dual Drive transmitter systems.

For those requiring additional monitoring capabilities, this IP/IO version offers contact closures (GPIO) and a TCP/IP connection for remote configuration and SNMP management.

Keep Your Signal On Air:
• Double RF input agile: 87.5 - 108 MHz
• Automatic Switching between main and backup frequency
• Selectable IF Bandwidth for easy installation on full FM spectrum
• Double MPX output for installation of 1+1 or Dual Drive transmitter systems
• Both AES and Analog signals available enabling additional or backup path
• Selectable de-emphasis 50/75 µs
• RDS Decoder verifies integrity of signal based on PI code (PI, PS, TP/TA, MS, DI , PTY, AF list, Clock Time)
• Serial port communication (bench configuration and reporting)

Continual Signal Monitoring:
• Audio Level Bars
• Headphone Output

Simple Management and Control with this IP/IO Version:
• Additional GPIOs
• 6 Command/ Relay outputs
• 8 Status (Opto-coupler ) inputs

Ecreso FM Receiver Silver IP Figure 2
Ecreso FM Receiver Silver IP Figure 3

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