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Nautel GV 7.5A

7.5kW Analog FM Transmitter


Digital, Efficient, Intelligent, Refined

Nautel’s field-proven, high-power GV Series FM architecture is infused with the industry’s most advanced RF technologies and Nautel’s award-winning control system to set a new standard for digital performance, efficiency, serviceability and unmatched functionality.

Broadcasters worldwide have installed over 2,000 of these reliable systems based on Nautel’s high power architecture and serve the globe’s largest and most successful stations. The GV Series extends that legacy and charts new territory with even more digital power, new achievements in digital efficiency and significant new instrumentation and functionality.

Main Features:
• High digital efficiency
• Reduced cost of ownership for IBOC
• HD Spectrum/Efficiency Optimizer
• Separate controller “back up” user interface
• Site control functionality via AUI
• Low mains operation down to 90 V (at 1/3 TPO)
• Dynamic RDS scrolling
• Oscilloscope instrumentation
• All DRM+ modes supported

Transmitter Type:
• FM Broadcast, 100% solid state
• 4 hot swappable RF power modules
• 8 switching power supplies (2 per RF power module)
• Power supplies are hot-swappable
• 1 low voltage power supply (same as RF power module power supply) with redundant supply standard
• Integrated exciter
• Remote Interface PWB
• Main/standby exciter
• UPS Interface
• Orban Inside
RF Output Connection:
• 1-5/8 inch EIA, female (standard)
• 3-1/8 inch EIA, female (optional)
• 7/8 inch EIA, female (optional)
RF Output Impedance:
• 50 ohms unbalanced
• 1.5:1 with automatic power reduction into higher VSWR
• Protected from open and short circuits at all phase angles
RF Frequency Range:
• 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz
• No tuning required
Frequency Stability: ± 200 Hz
Turn Around Loss:
• Better than 20 dB
Spurious and Harmonic:
• Meets or exceeds all FCC/IC/RED requirements
• Upgradable to the next highest nameplate power level with factory firmware update
Voltage (factory configured):
• 208 Vac nom. 3-ph. or 240 Vac nom. 1-ph. (90 Vac to 265 Vac with reduced output power capability below 175 Vac)
• 380 Vac nom. 3-ph. (156 Vac to 459 Vac with reduced output power capability below 303 Vac)
• 47-66 Hz
• Top or bottom AC entrance
Power Consumption:
• Analog Mode: 11.6 kW at 8250 W RF output (11.9 kVA)
• HD Radio Hybrid Mode (-20dB): 10.7 kW at 7500 W RF output (10.9 kVA)
• HD Radio Hybrid Mode (-14dB): 11.8 kW at 6750 W RF output (12.1 kVA)
• HD Radio Hybrid Mode (-10dB): 9615 W at 5000 W RF output (9812 VA)
• Power Factor:
Unity Power Factor Corrected (typically 0.98)
• Power Line Harmonics:
IEEE 519-1992

*Please consult a broadcast engineer/BSW to determine if this unit is right for your application and you are meeting all of the appropriate legal requirements. You can review the FCC regulations on LPFM and unlicensed usage below.

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