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Nautel J1000

Solid State, modular 1kW AM Broadcast Transmitter, 19 Rack Mount Unit



The J1000 transmitter provides excellent functionality and flexibility for the broadcaster. The advanced PDM modulation correction and automatically adjusted power supply operation voltages yield low distortion figures from 10 watts to 1100 watts. Direct digital synthesis technology ensures a pure and stable RF carrier frequency that can be interfaced to a GPS reference.

The transmitter features a simple bandpass RF filter network with ferrite-tuned inductors and a frequency synthesizer with dialup frequency selection, allowing quick tuning to a new carrier frequency. With its compact size and ease of frequency change, the J1000 is an ideal solution for a mobile back up transmitter.

Main Features:
• Redundant Architecture
• Excellent Sound Quality
• Built-in Scheduler
• Single Phase Power
• Simple Frequency Change
• Plug and Play
• Compact and Lightweight
• Convenience Operation

• Transmitter Type: Medium wave, 100% solid state
• Configuration: Two 500 W RF power modules each including eight broadband RF amplifiers and four modulators
RF Output Power:
 • Rated: 1,000 W
 • Range: 10 W to 1,100 W (Six preset levels, selected locally or remotely)
• RF Output Connection: Type N
• RF Output Impedance: 50 ohms, unbalanced
• Efficiency: 75%
• Frequency Range: 531 kHz to 1,690 kHz (supplied to one frequency as ordered)
Frequency Stability:
 • Internal: ±2 ppm over temperature range
 • External: GPS 10 MHz dependent on external source
• Modulation Capability: 125% positive peak modulation at rated power
• Incidental Quadrature Modulation: 36 dB below 95% modulation at 1,000 Hz
• Spurious and Harmonic: Meets or exceeds FCC, IC, RED, and ITU requirements
• Voltage: 170 - 270 V ac, 1 phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Power Consumption:
 • 1,430 W maximum at 1 kW, 0% modulation
 • 2,140 W maximum at 1 kW, 100% modulation
Temperature Range:
 • 0°C to +50°C
 • Derate 3°C per 500 m above sea level (2°C per 1,000 ft)
• Humidity Range: 0% to 95% non-condensing
• Altitude: 0 m to 4,000 m (0 ft to 13,000 ft)
 • 58 cm H x 48 cm W x 51 cm D
 • (23" H x 19" W x 20" D)
• Weight: 23 kg (50 lbs)
• Frequency Response: +0.2 dB/-0.8 dB, 30 Hz to 10,000 Hz.
Total Harmonic Distortion:
 • Better than 0.8% (THD), 30 Hz to 10,000 Hz at 95% modulation. Referenced at 1,000 W.
 • Better than 1.2% (THD), 30 Hz to 10,000 Hz at 95% modulation. Referenced at 100 W. (Reduced antenna bandwidth may degrade specification.)
• Carrier Shift: 0.5% or less
• Hum and Noise: 65 dB or more below 100% modulation
• Frequency Response: +0.2 dB/-1.5 dB, 30 Hz to 15,000 Hz. Referenced at 1 kHz
• Total Harmonic Distortion: Better than 1% (THD), 30 Hz to 15,000 Hz at 95% modulation. Referenced at 1 kHz
• Incidental Quadrature Modulation: 35 dB or better (typical), 30 Hz to 15,000 Hz
Product complies with:
• ISED specification BETS-5 issue 1
• FCC CFR title 47 part 2 and part 73
• Conforms with all essential requirements of Radio European Directive 2014/53/EU

*Please consult a broadcast engineer/BSW to determine if this unit is right for your application and you are meeting all of the appropriate legal requirements. You can review the FCC regulations on LPFM and unlicensed usage below.

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