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* 600 Watt FM Exciter-Transmitter


The QUANTUM "E" establishes a new level in FM performance with the advantage of the highest power emergency back-up available in an exciter style package. QEI took the field-proved design of the model 695 exciter and incorporated a high power FET amplifier to deliver uncompromised performance as a transmitter, exciter, booster or optionally as a translator. The QUANTUM "E" is an all sold state, broadband, frequency synthesized, "on carrier" direct FM transmission system, designed to exceed the FCC requirements for use in the FM broadcast band. The Quantum 600E is housed in a rack space saving dual 5-1/4" package. These transmitters will fit into virtually all transmitters to act as an exciter/driver upgrade for older systems.

*Please consult a broadcast engineer/BSW to determine if this unit is right for your application and you are meeting all of the appropriate legal requirements. You can review the FCC regulations on LPFM and unlicensed usage below.

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