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Crown Broadcast RFBA-MAU

Upgrade from RFBA-1 to RFBA-MA


Crown Broadcast RFBA-MAU
Add modulation monitoring to your Crown Broadcast RFBA-1 AM/FM/WR broadcast receiver with this software upgrade. It offers full DSP-based modulation monitoring for all three receivers, with full control via Ethernet connection.

Note: Image shows the Crown Broadcast RFBA-1 receiver.

Crown Broadcast RFBA-MAU Features:
• Total deviation detection
• Positive deviation detection
• Negative deviation detection
• Stereo modulation analysis: Left Audio Amplitude, Right Audio Amplitude, L+R Amplitude, L-R Amplitude, Pilot Amplitude, RDS Amplitude, SCA Amplitude
• Multi path analysis
• AM Noise
• AM Modulation percentage

List Price: $750.00
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Backordered until mid October 2021
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