Inovonics INOmini Triple Threat Receiver Pack
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Inovonics INOmini Triple Threat Receiver Pack

Inovonics RACKPACK, INOmini 634, 636. 639, RK-01

BSW PART: RACKPACK-634-636-639

Inovonics Triple Threat ReceiverIn Stock
Inovonics Triple Threat ReceiverINOMINI 634INOMINI 634INOMINI 636INOMINI 636INOMINI 639INOMINI 639
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Racked, packed, and ready for duty! BSW has teamed up with Inovonics to bring you the ultimate rackmounted receiver!

What is Included:
• Inovonics INOmini 634 AM Monitor
• Inovonics INOmini 636 NOAA Weather Receiver
• Inovonics INOmini 639 FM/HD Radio Monitor/Receiver
• Inovonics RK-01 Rack w/power

634 info:
The INOmini 634 is a professional medium-wave AM receiver for broadcast program reception and monitoring. It may be used as a ‘confidence monitor’ or as an off-air feed for program distribution in a broadcast facility, and a user-programmable bandwidth utility delivers either high quality or restricted-response audio.

The INOmini 634 tunes both western-hemisphere (10kHz-spaced) and European (9kHz-spaced) broadcast frequencies, providing balanced analog and digital audio outputs along with important local alarm ‘tallies’.

Main Features:
• Sensitive DSP-based receiver.
• Balanced analog and AES-digital program line outputs.
• Easy setup using the LCD screen and jog-wheel navigation of the receiver’s menu tree.
• Front-panel alarms with rear-panel ‘tallies’ for Carrier Loss and Audio Program Loss.
• Non-volatile memory for all receiver setup parameters.
• Analog L/R and AES-digital program line outputs.


• Tuning Range: 520kHz – 1710kHz in 10kHz steps, or 531kHz – 1611kHz in 9kHz steps
• Antenna Input: High impedance (whip antenna) input (F), phantom-powered for optional active outdoor antenna
• Receiver Sensitivity: ≤ 10μV for 50dB S/N
• IF Bandwidth: Selectable at 6kHz, 4kHz, 3kHz, 2kHz; see graph on Page 12
• Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz – 6kHz at full bandwidth
• De-Emphasis: NRSC (ʻtruncatedʼ 75μs) or OFF
• Program Audio Output(s): +4dBu balanced “dual monaural” Analog Left and Right, (XLR), 200-ohm source impedance; AES Digital (XLR), 44.1kHz sampling rate; Front-Panel Headphone Jack (3.5mm TRS)
• Alarm Tallies: Individual open-collector NPN transistor outputs for Carrier Loss and Audio Loss
• Power Requirement: 12VDC at 140mA. A ʻwall-outlet transformerʼ switching-type power supply appropriate to the destination AC mains voltage is provided.
• Mounting Options: An optional rack adapter accepts up to three INOmini modules in a 1U, 19-inch rack space, or the 634 may easily be fastened to any convenient surface with two small screws.
• Size and Weight: 1.6”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D; 4 lbs. shipping weight.

636 Info: The INOmini 636 is a professional-use receiver specifically for broadcasts from the United States National Weather Service. In addition to weather condition information and forecasts, the NWS also sends alerts for other natural disasters, environmental hazards, and public safety situations.

The INOmini 636 is a software-defined receiver with digital voice enhancement features to optimize articulation. It provides both balanced and AES-digital line outputs, plus alarms for carrier and audio loss, and for the 1050Hz NOAA alert tone.

Main Features:
• Tunes all seven weather alert frequencies
• Responds to 1050Hz tone alerts
• Front-panel metering of signal and audio levels
• Balanced analog and AES digital audio outputs
• Alarm outputs for low signal, audio loss, 1050Hz alert tone
• Front-panel headphone jack

639 info:
The INOmini 639 is an FM and FM/HD Radio™ receiver for professional off-air broadcast monitoring. It receives standard analog-FM broadcast transmissions as well as FM/HD Radio™digital broadcasts transmitted ‘in-band, onchannel’ via the FM station’s associated HD1 through HD8 auxiliary digital broadcasting channels. Analog and digital FM programs are each accompanied by digitized text and housekeeping data. Analog-FM RDS (Radio Data System) and digital-HD Radio™PAD (Program- Associated Data) are shown on the INOmini 639 front-panel LCD display, along with incoming signal quality and other information. Additionally, RDS and PAD data may be accessed through the front-panel USB connector for computer analysis and logging.

A leading feature of the INOmini 639 is that it does not automatically revert to FM reception if the digital signal is lost. This is of critical importance to the broadcaster, but makes this product somewhat unsuited to general consumer use.

*Ask about our custom mounting rack that can hold up to 3 INOmini series modules in a 1U space. RACK PACK!

Main Features:
• Reception of all standard FM and FM-band HD Radio™ broadcasts.
• Easy setup using the LCD screen and jog-wheel navigation of the receiver’s menu tree.
• Direct display of RT+ ‘tagging’ data.
• Analog L/R and AES-digital program line outputs.
• Front-panel alarms with rear-panel ‘tallies’ for Carrier Loss, Digital Program Loss and Audio Loss.
• Accurate front-panel program audio level display.
• Front-panel headphone jack.
• Firmware updateable via USB
• Simultaneous RDS and HD PAD data logging via USB and Windows software
• Independently adjustable output levels
• Analog range: -15dBu to +15dBu
• Digital AES range: -30dBFS to 0dBFS
• Adjustable on/off thresholds for Low Signal alarm
• Adjustable threshold for Audio Loss alarm
• Adjustable alarm output polarity
• Better FM RDS decoding
• Additional signal metrics
• SNR, Multipath, HD Level
• Helpful for antenna alignment for best FM or HD reception
• Always displays available HD programs
• Displays additional HD PAD data
• Slogan, FCC ID, Album, Genre
• Primary Service Mode, Codec Mode
• Transmit Gain, Transmit Blend Control

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