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Staco SCV60021

UniStar Series VP, 6kVA Rack/Tower Universal Mount


UniStar VP is yet another tailored solution from Staco Energy offering the simplest and most flexible way to either add capacity or achieve redundancy for your mission critical applications. From the ability to parallel up to four units, to the intuitive control panel and the real-time digital signal processor, the UniStar VP Series on-line double conversion UPS systems were designed with your needs in mind.

Main Features:
• Power range and run time scalability
• Full-time Digital Signal Processor Control
• LCD/LED mimic panel
• Easy-to-set user personalization
• Up to 98% energy efficiency
• Continuous power conditioning, even when not running on battery
• Smooth, uninterrupted switching from utility power to battery mode, and back again
• Wide fluctuations in utility power are handled without going to battery
• Parallel up to three units for added capacity or redundancy, using a simple connection on the rear panel without additional cabinets
• Unlike most UPSs in this size range, the UniStar VP has a very low rate of added and reflected harmonics, which protects the integrity of your entire electrical system

• Load kVA / kW: 6kVA / 5.4kW
• Input Voltage: 200, 208, 220, 230, or 240
• Output Voltage: 240/120, 208/120, or 120
• Input Cord: Hardwired
• Output Connection: Hardwired
• Dimensions W x H x D (inches): 17.24 x 15.45 x 26.64 (9U)
• Weight (lbs): 323

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