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Aphex IN2

Desktop Recording Interface with Class A Mic Pre's


Aphex IN2
Aphex IN2Aphex IN2
IN2 was conceived with the Project Studio in mind.  The Class A preamps provides plenty of clean gain for any microphone types and the optical compressors keep your dynamic range under control. The headphone amp is very loud and very clear and inspires better performances.  There are no menus to scroll through.  All functions are controlled with buttons located on the top panel of the interface.  No breakout cables are used.  All of the inputs and outputs are built right in to the device.

Users looking to upgrade the sound quality and recording experience that is offered by their audio interface look to Aphex products, such as our microphone preamps and headphone amplifiers.  The IN2 was designed to be an audio interface that provides solutions in an integrated way.  From the high headroom Class A preamps to the optical compressor to the headphone amp that’s taken directly from our legendary HeadPod4, the IN2 delivers everything you need in one package.

Using a 12V external power supply, rather than 5V USB buss power allows us to use these high performance Aphex technologies.

IN2 was designed with ease of use in mind, with dedicated function buttons located right on the front panel for quick and easy access.

The S/PDIF input allows you to expand your inputs by connecting an outboard preamp or other digital sound source.  The S/PDIF output can be used to connect to an Aphex HeadPod4 should more headphone outputs be required.

MIDI I/O is also included for connecting legacy keyboard controllers, MIDI Time Code (MTC) or MIDI Clock

Main Features:
• Two Aphex class A microphone preamps
• Multi-colored LEDs to show input level and peak
• Two Aphex optical compressors with LED indicators
• High performance headphone amplifier
• Front panel ¼” headphone output
• High quality 24-bit/192kHz A/D and D/A
• XLR microphone inputs
• Front panel instrument inputs
• Dedicated buttons for 48V, 75Hz HPF, -20dB pad and Compressor on/off per channel
• Balanced ¼” TRS stereo outputs
• Output level knob with Dim and Mono buttons 
• S/PDIF Coaxial I/O
• Compatible with: Mac OSX Core Audio Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) / ASIO 2.0 Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1 (32/64-bit) / ASIO 2.0 Up to 192k, 24-bit audio resolution

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