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Apogee Symphony MkII SYM2-PTHD

PTHD Chassis -No module included



Symphony I/O Mk II HD is designed for the Pro Tools HD user who needs a multi-channel audio interface with the best sound quality at an incredible cost per channel value. Whether using a Mac or PC based studio, Symphony I/O Mk II HD can connect directly to your Pro Tools HDX, Pro Tools HD Native or Pro Tools Core/Accel systems. Symphony I/O Mk II HD can be utilized alongside or in place of Avid® or Digidesign® interfaces for Pro Tools HD. In fact, each I/O module installed in Symphony I/O Mk II HD appears and functions in Pro Tools HD the same if it were a separate Avid HD I/O interface, so set up is easy and you can take advantage of important Pro Tools features such as sample-accurate delay compensation. A single Symphony I/O Mk II HD unit can have up to 32 simultaneous analog I/O, so you can have more channels with less rack gear. Need even more channels? You can utilize multiple units simultaneously, with one Symphony I/O Mk II HD per every Pro Tools HD port in your system. Calibrating your I/O is easy with Symphony I/O Mk II HD’s front panel touchscreen.

Main Features:
• Best performance of any multi-channel Pro Tools HD interface
• Best cost per channel value of any Pro Tools HD interface solution
• Connects directly to any Pro Tools HD system (Mac or PC)
• Emulates Avid HD I/O interface, including sample-accurate delay compensation
• Connect multiple units in a single system (1 unit per HD port)
• Easy I/O calibration with front panel touchscreen

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