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Symetrix Zone Mix 761

Zone Mixer


The Symetrix Integrator Series Zone Mix 761 is a complete zone mixing, paging, and music management solution that is perfect for restaurants, hospitality establishments, nightclubs and more.

The Zone Mix 761's Graphic User Interface provides a familiar hardware-like layout for a low learning curve and quick use. With its seamless remote controls and simple 3rd party control protocol, the Zone Mix 761 delivers total integration. It provides a level of audio comfort and security often overlooked with life safety system support for emergency announcement routing or system muting.

Symetrix Zone Mix 761 Features:
• Efficient setup using a straightforward Windows-interface connected over Ethernet
• Optimal feature set with microphone preamplification, compression, and AGC, paging, feedback elimination, filters, and equalization
• Support for Symetrix ARC wall panel remotes and ARC-WEB for simple, intuitive end-user operation
• 4 switchable mic or line inputs for paging from up to three locations plus emergency page, and 8 audio media inputs
• 6 outputs route audio media inputs plus paging to as many as 6 unique locations

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