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*HDVMixer Lite


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Video for Radio, has never been simpler.

Interested in HDVmixer? We have engineers on speed dial. Give us a call, and BSW can take care of the rest.

HDVmixer can increase your social media engagement! Views, clicks, likes, and the like! Click here to see BSW/HDVmixer's case study on Social Media analytics with WORX 96.7FM in Madison, IN.

Want to do a Video Podcast but don't know where to start? Meet HDVMixer, the definitive Video and Social Media solution for podcasters. Record and stream your video, switch cameras, add titles and other content with a few clicks. You manage your content, HDVmixer will handle the techie details. HDVMixer’s interface is intuitive and easy to learn. You'll be up and running in no time! HDVMixer Lite is the ultimate Engagement Machine! Engage in real time with our exclusive on-screen social media feed. Show different content with one click, stream to Facebook Live and YouTube Live simultaneously.

Includes set up and training from the manufacturer! HDVMixer can be reached 24/7 for help with any issues to keep you on the airwaves.

Main Features:
• Simultaneous streaming to Facebook Live and YouTube Live
• Switch between 3 video sources with just one click
• Use cameras, videos and even browser windows as video sources
• Do video calls with guests, include IP cams and remote feeds
• Engage in real-time with on-screen comments from fans
• Online support included
• Animated logo bug and graphics
• Configurable lower thirds with auto-update
• One-click camera switching
• Geo-located and hashtag-based tweets feed
• Facebook Live comments feed
• Add videos and capture browser windows to show all your content

*Laptop and tablet shown in picture above are not included in purchase
* HDV-LITE comes on a USB dongle

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