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Wheatstone M4-IPUSB

Wheatnet-IP Microphone Processing Blade


The M4IP-USB is a four-channel DSP-based BLADE-3 voice processor with four completely independent channels of high-quality, low-noise, high-dynamic range and accurate transient response voice processing in an IP networked rack unit. The M4IP-USB combines four high-quality microphone preamps, four channels of Vorsis embedded microphone processing, and a WheatNet-IP BLADE interface, allowing you to place four microphone inputs anywhere in your WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network (although it also works just fine as a standalone processor). The preamps and processors are accessed and controlled from any point on the network via its Windows-based GUI. Four independent USB ports are built in to facilitate the individual use of each processor output by separate computers.

The M4IP-USB is a great way to maximize your investment in on-air talent by combining four mic processors into a single rack space, accessible from anywhere. The M4IP-USB microphone processor is equipped with four matched Super-Quiet (SQ) microphone preamplifiers featuring extremely low noise floor, very wide dynamic range, faithfully accurate transient response, and ruler flat frequency response. Operating in harmony with high quality 24-bit A/D converters and a 96kHz base sample rate, the M4IP-USB adds absolutely no undesired coloration to the signal and faithfully preserves the sound of any microphone and talent combination. It also features a four-section equalizer with high and low shelving EQ and two bands of fully parametric EQ, high and low pass filters, and de-esser and expander functions. The M4IP-USB also features four analog stereo line-level outputs, ideal for feeding headphone amplifiers associated with talent or studio monitoring systems, and four stereo AES digital outputs.

The signal path of the M4IP-USB includes four completely independent channels of Wheatstone’s smooth-sounding Vorsis dynamics processing. Adjustable from anywhere on your network the M4-IP offers the security of password protected TCP/IP-based remote control and no front panel controls. Like all WheatNet-IP BLADE-3s, the M4IP-USB is AES67 compatible.

Main Features:
• Extremely high performance microphone preamplifiers with 48V phantom power
• Four completely independent processing channels
• Four stereo analog line level outputs
• Four independent USB ports
• Four stereo AES outputs.
• AES67 compatible
• All digital, field proven Wheatstone-designed advanced processing algorithm
• Phase Scrambler to correct asymmetrical voice waveforms
• High- and low-pass filters
• Fully adjustable downward expander
• Precision de-esser sibilance controller
• Four-bands of EQ: low-frequency shelving, two-band parametric, high-frequency shelving
• Broadband compressor
• Final precision peak limiter – can be defeated if desired for lower latency
• TCP/IP-based remote control from anywhere via M4-IP Remote Control Software
• Talent Control Interface software for preset recall without processor control
• Password controlled access and control-less front panel for keeping settings secure
• Front panel metering of input and output levels
• Colorful OLED display
• Requires only one rack space

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