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Rycote 033352

18 CM Medium Hole Softie w/ MT and Pistol Grip

BSW PART: 033352

The Softie Windshield is a slip on open cell foam, with an integral fitted fur cover. The Softie will reduce wind noise and protect your microphone, and is the standard world-wide in TV. The Softie alone provides a fast, flexible and cost effective solution for ENG on camera microphones. Constructed of an acoustic foam base covered by a specially designed synthetic fur fabric, designed to work together with a separate shockmount with its own bracket and either pistol grip handle or boom adaptor. The 30mm long fur provides up to 25dB wind noise reduction. The 033353 has an 18 cm medium hole and includes mount with pistol grip.

The main component of the Softie mount is a one piece rubber (actual material: EPDM) diaphragm shockmount. This unit is extremely robust, and has been tested in all environment conditions to ensure it performs. The Softie mount will only fit shotgun microphones which are cylindrical in shape (the same diameter though their whole length, ie; non-taper).

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