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Shure HA8089

PWS Helical Antenna 480 MHz - 900 MHz


Shure HA8089 Figure 1The Shure HA8089 Helical Antenna is a wideband UHF remote antenna for Shure wireless receivers, PSM transmitters and antenna distribution systems, so it'll work with your Shure system.

Already an MVP at the Super Bowl, that media-saturated event where accurate transmission and reception is of prime importance, the HA8089 helical antenna is ready, willing and able to boost your performance. Unlike most other antennas, which are more sensitive to signals coming from the same direction, the HA8089 is circularly polarized, giving it greater sensitivity to omni directional signals. It's the perfect compliment to in-ear and wireless mic systems. Works with all Shure systems.

Main Features:
• Gain: 14 dBi
• Bandwidth: 550 MHz to >900 MHz
• Beamwidth: 50 degrees
• Connector: Right Angle BNC

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