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Audio Technica ATW-RMS1

Remote Mute Switch For AT Wireless


Audio Technica ATW-RMS1 Figure 1The Audio-Technica ATW-RMS1 remote mute switch allows you to mute your Audio-Technica wireless microphone quickly and easily during a presentation.

Ideal for sporting event referees, ministers, public speakers and other performers who need the ability to remotely mute a wireless microphone, the ATW-RMS1 remote mute switch is designed to be installed between a wireless microphone using an HRS-type connector and its associated UniPak body-pack wireless transmitter.

The ATW-RMS1 features a toggle switch with positive “on” - “off” function. It is supplied with a permanently attached 22" cable terminated with an HRS-type connector that attaches to the input jack on a UniPak transmitter. Its all-metal construction and heavy-duty switch are built to withstand rugged use. A durable belt clip is provided for ease of wear.

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