Audio Technica ATWDA49
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Audio Technica ATWDA49

UHF Wideband Antenna Distribution System


The Audio-Technica ATW-DA49 is a UHF (wide-band 440-900 MHz) active unity-gain diversity antenna distribution system that enables one pair of antennas to feed multiple wireless systems. It provides two “1-in, 4-out” RF channels, and can connect a pair of antennas to as many as four wireless receivers. Either passive or active antennas may be used.

Both input jacks offer switchable +12V DC output on their center pins to operate Audio-Technica powered antennas or other in-line RF devices if desired. The unit also boasts all-metal construction for extreme durability and protection from radio frequency interference.

The ATW-DA49 is designed to complement Audio-Technica 2000 and 3000 Series wireless systems. It is also suitable for many other wireless systems operating within the 440-900 MHz range.

The ATW-DA49 includes 10 RF cables, front-mount antenna cables and connectors, four DC power cables, +12V DC desktop power supply with detachable IEC power cable, and the ATW-RM1 rack-mount hardware kit to permit attachment in a standard 19" rack space.

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