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Electrovoice RE3-BPCL-5H

Bodypack set, cardioid mic 560-596MHz



RE3 is the next-generation UHF wireless product family from Electro-Voice, featuring 10 pre-packaged sets with the latest EV microphones and an extensive range of accessories for every application. RE3 is designed to deliver superior audio performance with best-in-class wireless flexibility and ease-of-use – five frequency bands available in alignment with the latest global RF requirements.

Bodypack UHF wireless set featuring CL3 cardioid lavalier microphone for voice performance and presentations. The CL3 a robust, general-purpose lavalier microphone. It is ideal for presentation and public speaking where its full and accurate sonic characteristics, coupled with its feedback-rejecting cardioid polar pattern deliver a clear and intelligible voice. Setup is quick and simple using the RE3 clear frequency scan and sync functions, and the radio link between the robust bodypack transmitter and diversity receiver delivers rock-solid system performance.

Main Features:
• Next-generation UHF wireless product family, featuring prepackaged sets with the latest EV microphones and an extensive range of accessories for every application
• Designed to deliver superior audio performance with bestin-class wireless flexibility and ease of use
• Available in three frequency bands, including 6M band – the FCC-dedicated space for wireless microphone use – to minimize the possibility of digital TV interference anywhere in the U.S.
• 10 sets available: five handheld transmitter systems and five bodypack systems

RE3-ACC-CL3 Cardioid lavalier Specifications:
• Element type: Self-biased condenser
• Frequency response: 100 Hz - 15 kHz
• Polar pattern: Cardioid
• Connector: TA4F

RE3-BPT Bodypack Specifications:
• Frequency oscillation mode: Phase-locked loop (PLL)
• Frequency Range 5H: 36 MHz (560-596 MHz)
• Sync frequency: Ultrasonic
• RF power output: 5H (560-596MHz): Low 10mW / High 50mW
• Display by: LCD + LED
• Function controls: Power, mute, group, channel, frequency, sensitivity adjustment, input level attenuation, RF power, auto off, key lock.
• RF stability: <±10kHz@Fc
• Modulation frequency shift: Wideband FM ±48kHz deviation
• Harmonic radiation: <−50dBc
• Input jack: 4-pin mini jack
• Battery: 2 x AA alkaline battery or NiMH rechargeable battery
• Charging contacts: Yes
• Finish: Black polyurethane paint
Dimensions (without antenna):
 • Height: 3.2 in. (81.5mm)
 • Width: 2.54 in. (64.5mm)
 • Depth: 0.98 in. (25mm)
• Net weight: 6.14 oz. (0.174 kg)
• Gross weight: 8.29 oz. (0.235 kg)

RE3-RX Diversity Receiver Specifications:
• Frequency Oscillation Mode: Phase-locked loop (PLL)
• Carrier Frequency Range: 470 - 865 MHz (tuning bandwidth is band-dependent)
• Sync Frequency: Ultrasonic 40 kHz
• Diversity: Antenna diversity
• Bandwidth: 36MHz
• Signal/Noise Ratio: >100dB(A)
• Total Harmonic Distortion (Thd): <0.6%@1kHz
• Receiving Sensitivity: -81dBm for -12dB SINAD
• Frequency Response: 63Hz~16kHz±2dB (BPT) 51Hz~16kHz±2dB (HHT)
• Antenna Type: Detachable ½ wave with BNC connector
• Antenna Booster Power: DC12 - 15V/100mA
• Function Display By: LCD
• Contents Of Display: Group, channel, frequency, antenna A/B, transmitter battery level, transmitter status (mute, live, or no sync), output level attenuation, AF indication, RF indication, key lock indicator.
• Control Functions: Power, scan, frequency, group, channel, squelch, TX sensitivity, TX attenuation, TX RF power, TX auto off, TX key lock, TX display info, TX sync configuration, RX output volume, RX output level, RX antenna booster power, RX key lock, RX display contrast, RX display brightness, RX system reset.
• Sync Data Options: Frequency, group, channel, sensitivity level, attenuation status, RF power, auto off status, key lock status, transmitter display (freq or Gp/Ch)
Audio Frequency Output Level:
 • Ref:±22.5kHz Dev@1kHz Tone
 • ¼” (6.3mm) Phone Jack:-10dBV
 • XLR Jack:-4dBV(Line)、-24dBV(MIC)
• Audio Frequency Output Impedance: 240Ω (unbalanced) 1400Ω (balanced)
• Squelch and noise muting: Noise muting and tone code locking
• Output Ports: 1 x balanced XLRM jack 1 x unbalanced ¼” TS (6.3mm) jack
• Power Supply: DC12~15V/500mA
• Finish: Black polyurethane paint
 • Width: 8.27 inch (210mm)
 • Height: (with feet attached) 1.85 inch (47mm)
 • Height: (without feet attached) 1.73 inch (44mm)
 • Depth: (including antenna jack) 6.89 inch (175mm)
 • Depth: (not including antenna jack) 6.1 inch (155mm)
• Net Weight: 2.71 lbs [1.23 kg]
• Gross Weight: 3.28 lbs [1.49 kg]

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